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What is a NARR HeadWear ?

The best things about the Narr is that it is so versatile! Thermal fabric Narr helps protect the body’s temperature balance. As part of the high quality performance clothing, Narr outdoor equipment provides excellent protection in cold weather and keeps you cool in hot weather. With this feature, even when used only as a collar, the Narr is much more functional than a normal scarf . It is antibacterial, anti dust and is protective against viruses. Narr also prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria when sweating . If you are engaged in extreme sports or in the open field for a long time, busy with a job that requires you to stay outside, Narr will be indispensable to you. The Narr head wear is multi-purpose, you can use it as a collar, mask, bandanna, beanie, headband and so on so it protects any area of ​​your head with a variety of forms. Narr comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to coordinate with your wardrobe. Easily fits in a pocket when you aren’t wearing it, (not bulky).

What are the dimensions and characteristics?

50cm in length and 25cm in width (tubular). (depends the model) Weight is less than 50 grams. Micro fiber fabric is flexible and durable. Design is eco-friendly, certified printed using water-based paints. Never printed polyester micro fiber fabric the colors never fade, stay soft and cleaning is easy. Narr Head wear is for both men and women. Infants, children, adolescents and the elderly, anyone who is sensitive to bacteria, viruses, dust cold or the sun. Athletes, climbers, divers, skiers, cyclists, football players, motor sports enthusiasts, cancer patients, people with hair loss and the list of those who wear Narr goes on.

What is Polygiene?

Polygiene is an antibacterial agent (the basis of underarm deodorant creams). Sweat alone does not create odors. However, bacteria in the environment causes the smell. Therefore, in order to prevent the formation of odor-causing bacteria,this fabric creates an environment non conducive to the formation of bacteria. Polygiene is a natural anti-bacterial effect of silver ions is applied to the fabric and is long lasting. Polygiene silver ions in the fabric prevents the formation of bacteria, this also eliminates the root cause of odor and provides hygiene.

What is thermal fabric ?

Cool in summer , warm in winter! Thermal fabric has great flexibility, in the summer it keeps harmful sun rays away from your skin and draws moisture from the air and evaporates (keeping you cool and dry). In cold weather, thermal fabric reduces heat loss.

Can I wash NARR?

Yes, machine wash and hang dry (when you hang in an open space, it dries within a few minutes) No need to iron, the Narr products will maintain its original shape